Affordable homes

Jackie, 76, and Graham Ree, 81, purchased a share of an apartment in Esprit in September 2020. They moved with the help of the Platinum Skies shared ownership scheme, which has enabled them to live a new happy, healthy, and affordable life where they can enjoy the companionship of others who live in their community. 

Jackie said: “If Platinum Skies didn’t have the shared ownership scheme, then we wouldn’t have been able to buy our apartment. 

“We couldn’t have done it without it being on a shared ownership basis. The team at Platinum Skies gave us all the figures and explained it to us so that we could make up our own minds. It worked out well for us so I would recommend that people did look into it. 

“We are now living a lifestyle that we can afford because of shared ownership.

“Platinum Skies explain all the figures and the projections for the years ahead, not just for the first year, but for the next 10 years. I think it’s important to have a company like Platinum Skies who will explain it and talk you through it, especially as you get older.

“The team were also very good with our family as well, as they got my daughter to come along to an appointment and explained it all to her, which was really good because they involved all of us. My daughter was a little bit cautious about it, as she was looking out for us, I suppose. The Platinum Skies team got us together and answered any questions that we had, so we were quite happy to do it. 

“I think we’ve always been good at looking forward to make plans for the future. A lot of people don’t want to think about it, but I think when you get to our age, it’s something that you need to do. 

“I had no idea what was on offer until we came here and then I realised that it would be good for us.”