Making Life Affordable

Many retirees want to ‘rightsize’ and live in retirement housing in later life, but there is a chronic under-supply of high-quality, affordable, or desirable accommodation in the right locations. Russell and Kim Wicks, Monterey Homeowners, say moving to a Platinum Skies community made “The cost of living so much cheaper and easier.

Russell, 71, and Kim Wicks, 62, purchased a share of an apartment in Monterey after moving from their three-bedroom bungalow.

Many retirees want to ‘rightsize’ and live in retirement housing in later life, but there is a chronic under-supply of high quality, affordable or desirable accommodation in the right locations. (Local Government Association ‘Housing our Ageing Population’ 2017)

Russell and Kim were keen to start their new life in our thriving Christchurch community but were unable to sell their existing home, until we stepped in to help through our Platinum Exchange scheme. It meant that Russ and Kim could set up home in their new apartment, while we took care of selling their old home, which was no longer fit for purpose, for its full market value.

Kim said: “We’d seen this apartment and we agreed to buy it. But we couldn’t sell our property. Platinum Skies got in touch with us and did everything. They sorted out the estate agents, legal side and we were in our new home within three weeks.”
She went on to say that it didn’t take them long to find their feet in their new location, making friends with the other homeowners and feeling glad to make the move to a purpose-built, affordable home, where they can enjoy their future together.

Kim added:

“As soon as we moved in, we thought ‘This is home.’ We’d done the right thing.”

If something had happened to one of us, we would need to do something like this, so we thought that we would do it now, while we can and enjoy it together.

I would advise anyone who was in our position to seriously think about doing this.

“It’s the best thing we’ve done.”

Kim’s husband, Russ, said that it has given the couple a new lease of life as they are no longer tied down to looking after the maintenance of an ageing property and the costs that come with that, and can instead spend their time doing the things that they enjoy.

Russ said: “Now we’re sorted for the rest of our lives really. We’ve got no worries now. It’s a much easier life than we’d had in the past, which is why we moved.

“The cost of living for us to live here is so much cheaper and easier, which is great for us.”

We couldn’t really enjoy life before because all our money was tied up in our previous property. So now, we’re able to release money and so we can enjoy life. It gives us more leisure time, which we intend to have.”