Join AHH Investment Club if you’re seeking to:

Make the most of available tax reliefs - discover how to shield your wealth from inheritance tax.

Receive an asset backed income - dispel the popular myth that capital conservation strategies produce very low or zero rate of returns*.

Find responsible and sustainable options - learn about our plans for providing a solution to the UK's housing and healthcare crisis.

We created a High Net Worth club to offer members the opportunity to participate in exclusive business & investment opportunities. The opportunities created are structured as Non Main Stream Pooled Investments (NMPI’s).

Qualify to become an AHH Investment Club Member

The Companies Act does not permit the offering of private limited company shares to the public.

Investment opportunities can only be offered to accredited members of our private investment club.

Membership of AHH Investment Club will give you access to more information on the securities and terms on offer.

Application is quick, easy and free and there is no obligation to invest.

Simply provide your contact details and certify your eligibility to receive investment information.

Our Investor Relations Manager will then contact you with more information.

Investing in unquoted securities places your capital at risk. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.
Tax treatments depend on your individual circumstances and may change. 

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