We believe investing in housing and healthcare is great for everyone.

Join us and help to build a sustainable, affordable communities.

The benefits of becoming a Member of the AHH Investor Club. 

AHH facilitates loans to fund the delivery of affordable housing and healthcare communities.

Club Members have exclusive access to our investment opportunities.

Investors benefit from loans secured against AHH Group’s covenant.

AHH investments have paid 100% of the profits from loans to its High Net Worth and Sophisticated Investor club members whilst also providing 100% relief from inheritance tax.*

Club Members benefit from good returns, wealth preservation and peace of mind that their capital delivers positive social and economic impact.

Asset Backed

Dividends paid bi-annually

IHT shelter

SIPP approved

Good for society

UK property

Track record

Zero entry fees

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Lord Stanley Fink

“In the early days, people said: “do you want to maximise returns or do you want to be ethical?” As if they were alternatives.

AHH is attractive because it not only offers good returns, it offers a strategic solution to the country which has a need for affordable housing and also a way to help fund NHS and local authority healthcare and social services.”

AHH has created a high-quality covenant:

Secure income streams

Community assets generating mature sustainable income streams from shared ownership leases.

Freehold property assets

High-quality affordable communities purpose-built to support elderly homeowners.

Assets with pre-let agreements

Long-dated inflation linked pre-let agreements to a government-backed Registered Provider of Affordable Housing or private Care Operator.

Assets are pre-sold

Assets are partially or completely pre-sold to our capital markets partners, providing certainty from the outset that all loans will be repaid.

Assets backed by AHH Group covenant

Loan payments are guaranteed by AHH Group – its current balance sheet is more than £100 million.

Assets in high demand

The shortage of affordable housing and care facilities in the UK ensures strong demand for the products we make.

Delivering target returns since 2015.

AHH delivers IHT products with a track record of delivering target returns to its High Net Worth club members.

Every loan meets the core principles of our loan strategy, governed by AHH’s highly experienced blue chip executive team:

Location & Quality

High quality assets in great locations

Understanding of Market

Deep understanding of sectors

Strong Supply

Strong supply and demand dynamics


Sustainable, predictable cashflows


Long-term covenant strength

Business Property Relief.
Great for society. Good for you.

Benefits to UK Plc

Direct investment into the UK economy

Delivery of affordable housing targets

Reduced strain on NHS and Local Authority

Jobs and prosperity for local communities

Benefits to HNW club members

Protect wealth – 100% Inheritance Tax Relief

Target return on capital – share of trading profits

Speed to qualify – IHT relief in just two years

Access and control – subject to available liquidity


AHH facilitates investments in trading activity that qualifies for Business Property Relief, a government initiative designed to encourage direct investment in the UK economy and which provides investors relief from Inheritance Tax.

Inheritance Tax is due at 40% on an estate with a value over the £325,000 threshold, so one can make a significant tax saving.

Holding assets within a BPR-qualifying business can also result in a return and increase in capital value.

Investing in unquoted securities places your capital at risk. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results. Tax treatments depend on your individual circumstances and may change.